Dear hunters! Our places are unique. It is a real wild tumulous Taiga with plenty of lakes and rivers hardly found in any other place of our country. The ample quantity of wood grouses and bears is uncommon even for Siberia. We have no such guest, who having once visited us would not like to return. These places leave long-lasting impression on hearts and everlasting impressions for many people... And these all is located in about three hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg!

The territory of our game husbandry is located in the eastern part of the Podporzhsky District of Leningrad Region. The area of the husbandry is equal to 87,6 thousand hectares. There are more than 50 animal species inhabiting in these areas, among which 30 species belong to game animals (among them bear, elk, boar, wolf, lynx, fox, racoon, hare, squirrel, otter, ermine, marten, marsh otter, polecat, badger, beaver, beaver-rat, wood grouse, black-cock, partridge, hazel grouse, woodcock, more than 10 species of moorfowl) . The skilled and professional rangers with extensive experience will organize the hunting for you during the spring and autumn-winter seasons.

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