Hunting house

We are delighted to invite you to our house, which was built with love and diligence. The house is totally made of timber; it is warm in winters and comfortable in summers, one will sleep there well and after waking up be fascinated with the wonderful view to the lake and islands. The fireplace finished with stones from the Oyat River, handmade large table with a base made of a tree root, interesting hunting trophies, unique wood carving within the house and on the two terraces. Most part of those are the beautiful works of the famous handyman Vladimir Radaev. We do not consider this house with all its conveniences as a guest house — this is a house for friends that is to say people like us — grateful, benevolent and joyful.

Any time of a year with your family or friends you can fill your leisure days with many interesting activities. About Hunting and Fishing you can read on the other pages of our site. For those who are enthusiastic of game viewing we offer a unique opportunity to take a photograph of a bear in the wild (during two consecutive evenings within the period from August to September the degree of probability of taking such photographs is 95%). The lake and isles are very pictorial; on the central Svyatoi Island (Saint Island) there is the beautiful Chapel of Elijah the Prophet. In autumn, the area becomes abundant of mushrooms and berries.

A uniquely constructed sauna standing on a picturesque lakebank has a large pier-terrace and a cabin for fishing with a rod in the rain. Here you can also find a wooden hatch for an ice-hole with sandy bottom, safe depth and easy ladder into the water.

ATV riding in summer and autumn; jet skiing, boat riding, wonderful bathing in the lake with a sandy bottom and a water temperature upto +28 C in summer.

In winter snowmobiles,ice-fishing, riding inflatable snow tubes from a slide, skiing and even ice hockey.

We have a stable with gentle and wieldy horses. All horses may be equipped with saddles or sledges in winter and are ready for walks around beautiful surroundings.

Encampment, food and fire cooked tea — what can be better for the connoisseurs? And what is of utmost important — there is not a single person ... (we love people but sometimes one should retreat from almost everything). Either during navigation in a boat between the islands towards the Chapel or at casting a fishing tackle or at swimming in the lake after taking a steam bath or during the horse ride it is almost unlikely to meet any person. And these all is located in about three hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg. For such place the said distance is not so far! If you don’t want to lose time you can arrive in a helicopter or a plane. We have our own 500m runway. The coordinates for pilot are specified on the home page.


Accommodation prices:

Cottage (for 6 persons) RUB 60000 per day (check-in 14-00, check-out until 12-00)
Sauna RUB 5000 for one visit