Hunting Woodcock

One of the main specialities of Hunting Ground “Lembo” is hunting for woodcock with dogs.

We like this hunting more than others ! For many years our big and wonderful territory of 90.000 hectares with more than 150 wild lakes we have found the best habitat of local and migrating woodcocks. Our Hunting Ground has a leading place in the region of concentration of woodcock in the migrating period. Remarkably,during some favourable days of this period our announcing drathaar are doing more than 30 rises in a 3 hours route. We have vast experience of hospitality for French and other European hunters to professional European Standards fully supported with professional guides. Comfortable houses with wood carving, decoration, hunting interiors,authentic cuisine and a lake view is included. The houses are isolated and guests can invite outside parties with their own guns due to our safe armoury room. 

For a successful and comfortable woodcock hunting in our hunting ground it is highly recommended to seriously consider the choice of clothes and boots. The temperature in September – October may vary from +20 to 0 degrees.Precipitation often enough.Hunting takes place in rough ground where one can meet places full of water. We recommend you to have 2 suits of thermo-underwear, light and warm fleece jacket, warm sweater or waistcoat and a suit made of dense and waterproof material. Also take raincoat, bright orange hat, light chaps (as there is no barbed bush), thin gloves, knee-length boots and waterproof high boots. And what is most important: do not forget your good mood!

 Recommended time 01.09-15.10.2017.Hunting accompanied by guides.